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Midjourney: How anyone can generate Images from text

Profile Matt Pengelly - 2022-09-09 - last update: 2022-12-04

Imagine if you never needed to look for stock photos again? Midjourney is a fun AI based project that might accomplish just that

  • Midjourney is a tool for generating images from text; your prompts become images.

  • Images can be finely detailed and are flexible; the AI algorithm can create art with various styles and from different time periods in seconds.

  • Images can be variated; if you have something close to what you want, but it’s not quite there.

  • Starting is as simple as joining their discord server, joining a #newbie channel and typing a prompt like: /imagine a cosmic elephant intergalactic circus . You’ll get a result back

    cosmic elephant prompt: `/imagine a cosmic elephant intergalactic circus
    Here are some variations generated from that with the press of a button.
    cosmic elephant variations
    However, there are some quirks. Can you spot any in this one?
    sometimes prompts don't go as planned prompt: `/imagine a girl smiling

    Note: How you craft your prompts makes a big difference in the output you receive, so write them thoughtfully

    #Midjourney is free to use for your first 25 images, and all images you generate you can use how you like. After that there are paid plans at 10$+ per month.

    They’re now the largest Discord channel in the world and are growing rapidly. Head to their Discord server and try it out yourself.